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How It Works

Manage My ASC is a real-time, interactive management tool that provides an unprecedented view into the financial and operational performance of your center with tracking, benchmarking, analysis and recommendations.

Solve problems, recognize opportunities, and get results.

Step 1

Profiling Your Surgery Center

First we create a customized profile of your surgery center (physicians, specialties, facility, location & market, contracts, insurance plans) to understand your facility. No two centers are faced with the same problems or opportunities.

Step 2

Consolidate Critical Data

We consolidate critical operating and financial data from each area of your ASC (facility, finance & accounting, billing & collection, payroll, HR, inventory & purchasing) to create meaningful reports and benchmarks you can communicate to physicians, investors, and staff.

Step 3

Review of Information

Your information and reports are reviewed by our panel of industry experts, providing you with in-depth analysis of what is going on at your center. This is an interactive process where you work with an Account Leader assigned to your ASC

Step 4

Response Plan

Together with the reports and the analysis, we provide you with a detailed response plan formulated to take advantage of the opportunities or to correct problems. Response plans are customized recipe-like steps that empower you to take the appropriate actions at your ASC.

Step 5

Execution is the Final Step

Through individual consultation we track your progress through the response plan making modifications as each situation or opportunity develops. Where appropriate we offer specific solutions tailored to your ASC. This can include contracting, billing, payables, inventory management or other mission-critical functions of your ASC.

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